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Frequently Asked Questions

Let us know what is on your mind; ask and we'll post the questions and the answers as they develop. Please remember that all questions are valid and we'll share them!


Q: I'm a new writer but I've been published before
A: That's great! We're honered that you would consider our publication for your work. We have a pay scale that is in place however, budgets may hinder our efforts to pay on the higher side of the range.

Q: Do you have writer's or submission guide?
A: Yes, you may view it at the guidelines link

Q: When do you publish an accepted work?
A: We usually publish our magazine on a quarterly basis however, the goal is to publish bi-monthly. With that schedule, if we accept your work your story may appear in three to six months. Payment is usually 60 days after publication.

Q: I am an artist, do you feature work by unknown artist?
A: Yes, however we have a different process for art. Please send a query with a thumbnail of the artwork; we do prefer photography.

Q: Will your books be available through bookstores?
A: Yes, but mostly through independent stores, not chains; and through Amazon and of course directly through this website.

Q: Can we sign up for a news email list?
A: Yes, we are in the process of choosing a provider, meanwhile, please send a request to the publisher. As soon as the service is deployed we will add your name, send you a welcome email and you must opt in for future mailings.

Print, Net or Pod

We are currently in flux as we learn from both our future readers and writers. In the recent months, we have heard from a number of writers that would like to have their works appear as podcasts. We have also learned that some don't care about printed versions either. Please write us to further our efforts in finding a home for future stories. Write us with your opinion


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