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Contact us in writing for more information about our magazine and website. Our experienced customer service team can help you and can provide advise on our processes. Our customer service team is available 4 days a week 10AM to 3PM and can usually respond to your questions in 72 hours except weekends and holidays. We break for a month in August and close the offices from the second Friday in December and usually re-open to our normal schedule the third Monday in January.

If you would like to purchase a sample copy, please visit our order page. Our guidelines were updated recently and can be downloaded in PDF format.


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We are currently in flux as we learn from both our future readers and writers. In the recent months, we have heard from a number of writers that would like to have their works appear as podcasts. We have also learned that some don't care about printed versions either. Please write us to further our efforts in finding a home for future stories. Write us with your opinion


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