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Click on the purchase link below to order a sample copy of our short fiction magazine called the Wildwood Reader. Your purchase is for a one time single copy of a back issue. If you like your copy and want to subscribe, there is a cut out form on the back page.

You can also help us by placing an ad in the magazine. We prefer institutional style ads that are not time sensitive. Write us, we can accommodate any previously formatted artwork sent as a jpg or PDF. We will be adding elegant banner ads on our website as well to round out the possible support options.

The Wildwood Reader is a small press magazine featuring the work of new and emerging writers from all over the US. All writers need a place to start and they all wish to see their work in print; that is a tradition that will not go away with the proliferation of internet and social networking websites.

Eventually, we also want include some translated work by Central and South American writers. Join us twice a year or more and enjoy what tomorrow's masters create today. Purchase a back issue for just $6.95 plus S&H now and help us keep the print version going. If a back issue is not available, we will either refund your money or you may simply wait for the next printing. If we are out of back issues, and you are sent a "please wait" message, please do not hesitate to give us a nudge and remind us of your purchase in due course.

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Print, Net or Pod

We are currently in flux as we learn from both our future readers and writers. In the recent months, we have heard from a number of writers that would like to have their works appear as podcasts. We have also learned that some don't care about printed versions either. Please write us to further our efforts in finding a home for future stories. Write us with your opinion


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